Aries is an artist, photographer, poet and songwriter. His artistic approach his highly personal, with a fondness for heartfelt, romantic and nostalgic content. His images and words evokes feelings of love and longing, while his attitude is direct and awe-inspiring.

Calling himself “an untalented traveler with his camera and his phone, searching for things that catch his attention”, but his heart feels a lot deeper than that. His work is proof that it does not matter what gear you use or how many years of experience you’ve got: it’s all about vision and sincerity.

Please be aware that all the images on this blog are the property of me, Broken Castles, and therefore are copyrighted. Please do not copy or steal any of the images. Some of the images are from my site, Vrykola.

© Copyright 2016 – Broken Castles


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    Aries, thank you for stopping by Be Whole Now and leaving a “Like” in your wake. Love the black-and-white photos. Looks like your blog is quite young; I’d like to see more of your words and images. Blessings!

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    Very beautiful blog! Thank you for liking my last poem this way, I get to know yours 😀
    All the best!!
    ~ Dajena

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    hello broken castles/vrykola,
    thanks for dropping by again, when i looked at this blog, it reminded me of one i had seen earlier i.e. vrykola, and sure enough, its the same author! you have that certain style which is recognisable :), great!
    regards, ken

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    Hi Aries, I saw you were a new visitor so I’m saying hi. Should I be scared at the mention of vrykola? Any relation to vrykolakas. Eastern European word for vampire, via Greek? 😉 Thank you for visiting The Escritorium (uninvited but cautiously welcome. Although I will cast wards if necessary.) I like how clean your visuals are, leaving room for contemplation. Thanks for passing by ~ P ~

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    Thanks for making me come across your blog by liking a post on mine. 🙂
    The photographs are stunning and poetry is beautiful. Bless!

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    Your blog is beautiful. 🙂
    Thanks so much stopping by Rainbow Umbrella and appreciating my work.

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    thank you for sharing this about page to know more about you and your passion
    I just discover your blog and I find that it’s very beautiful and with posts interessant
    I follow your publications and I invite you to visit my blog and feel free to follow me : https://femmeetinfos.wordpress.com and follow mine too
    Waiting for you
    Best regards

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    Thank you for reading About. I wasn’t sure if it is visible. Still tidying up my blog after have been away from it so long.

    Good to see you moderate the comments you receive 🙂

    Thank you again.

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