I miss your smile


To the person who caught my heart
Please don’t let that beautiful smile of yours fade away
If it was to fade
Will it turn into a silly memory of the past?

Because your image is receding continuously
And now I can’t even catch it anymore
But why do I keep holding onto you like this…


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    That’s the great thing about a smile. Even when people are gone, we can still have that smile in our memories. And we have them in photographs. I was looking at a picture of my brother (holding his cat) , and I saw his smile. Funny thing is , I have many pictures where he is smiling, but that most genuine smile, seemingly the ‘realest’ one is the one where he is holding his cat. Cats are wonderful examples of what human beings should be like, “if you can’t do anything to help someone out, just ‘be there’ and help them find their smile again”….. ahh, the life of a cat… artfromperry

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